Do you know which country actually manufactures the most expensive and modern parts of mobile phone?

Mobile phone contains numbers of electronics parts varies in size & cost. These parts are manufactured by large numbers of companies but few companies hold supremacy in technology for manufacturing most costly parts.

Mobile phone

Following three parts are most expensive parts of the today’s smartphones and we will see what are the companies and their respective country that manufactures these parts.

  • Application Processor
  • NAND Flash
  • Display

Application Processor

Snapdragon Mobile Processor

Well known and most famous mobile processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon variants which is an American company.

This processor is used in most smartphones including Chinese mobiles like Xiaomi Readmi Mi, Oppo, Vivo.

Major company manufactures mobile processors are

  • Qualcomm (America)
  • TI (America)
  • Samsung (Korea)
  • Nvidia (America)

Out of four main company, three are from America and one from South Korea.

NAND Flash

Nand Flash

Before few years, Processor was most costly part of mobile phone, but with increase in demand of flash memory, NAND flash becomes most expensive part considering capacity of 16GB and higher.

Major company manufactures mobile processors are

  • Samsung (South Korea)
  • Toshiba (Japan)
  • SanDisk (Western Digital, America)
  • Micron (America)

Here Samsung holds major share for mobile NAND flash which is more than 30% whereas Toshiba shares approx 25%, Sandisk 20% and Micron around 10%.

So for NAND flash, South Korea is leading the game where Japan is also not too far.


Following company are known for manufacturing display for mobile phones

  • Samsung (Korea)
  • Japan Display (Japan)
  • LG Display (South Korea)
  • Sharp (Osaka, Japan, Since 2016 it has been majority owned by the Taiwan-based Foxconn Group)
  • ChiMei (China)

Major share of mobile display is covered by Samsung, LG and Japan display.

Other parts that shares higher portion of cost are

  • DRAM
  • Baseband
  • Camera module
  • Touch Screen
  • Battery


Manufactured by

  • Samsung (Korea)
  • Hynix (Korea)
  • Elpida (Japan)
  • Micron (America)


A baseband processor is a device in a network interface that manages all the radio functions.

  • Qualcomm (America)
  • MediaTek (Taiwan)
  • Intel Corporation (America)
  • ST-Ericsson (Switzerland, Europe)
  • Broadcom Corporation (America)
  • Marvell Technology Group (Santa Clara, California, US)

Camera module

With increase in mobile technology like front camera, dual camera and high resolution demand, cost sharing by camera module is increased. Major companies hold mobile camera market are

  • Sharp: (Japan & Taiwan)
  • Foxconn (Tiwan)
  • LG Innotek (South Korea)
  • STM (Switzerland, Europe)

Touch Screen (Panel)

Following companies provides touch screen technology to most of the mobile phones including Apple’s iPhone.

  • TPK (Taiwan)
  • Young Fast (Taiwan)
  • Wintek (Taiwan – which makes touch screens for Apple’s iPhone)
  • Nissha (Japan)


Following two companies supplies major demand of li-ion battery for mobiles.

  • Simplo (Taiwan)
  • Dynapack (Taiwan)


Mobile Part Manufacturing is dominated by countries such as Korea, America, and Taiwan. Due to low labour costs, countries such as China assemble mobile phones.

However, predicting which country will be the leader in mobile manufacturing is difficult. It is because the demand for electronics is increasing year after year, while the demand for expensive components is also changing. Let’s see which part of the device becomes the most technologically advanced and demanded by users: the display, the camera, the RAM, the battery, or something else.


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By Dr. Jignesh Makwana

Dr. Jignesh Makwana, Ph.D., is an Electrical Engineering expert with over 15 years of teaching experience in subjects such as power electronics, electric drives, and control systems. Formerly an associate professor and head of the Electrical Engineering Department at Marwadi University, he now serves as a product design and development consultant for firms specializing in electric drives and power electronics.