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what an exoplanet is

What is an Exoplanet?

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All our solar system’s planets, revolve around the Sun.

Any planet outside of our solar system is known as an exoplanet.

Exoplanets are planets, that orbit around other stars.

What is an exoplanet?

In 1917, the first possible evidence of an exoplanet was discovered, although it was not recognized. The first confirmation of detection was made in 1992.

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A separate planet, first discovered in 1988 was confirmed in 2003.

The majority of exoplanets identified so far are concentrated in a small area of our Milky way galaxy. According to NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope, the galaxy has more planets than stars.

We now live in an extraterrestrial universe. There are thousands of proven planets, and the number is growing. That’s just a small portion of the cosmos as a whole. As the number and observing power of robotic telescopes lofted into space grows, the number could reach the tens of thousands within a decade.

The more exoplanets we discover, the more likely we are to encounter extraterrestrial life.

How to find an Exoplanet?

But the question is how can we find an exoplanet that is far away?

What are the difficulties we are facing in finding exoplanets?

What is an exoplanet? How to find?

Interesting fact you must know about exoplanets is that they are difficult to spot using telescopes.

Because the dazzling glare of the stars they orbit hides them.

As a result, astronomers rely on alternative methods to detect and study these faraway planets.

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Here is one more interesting fact about exoplanets that you should know.

The majority of exoplanets orbit other stars. However there are exoplanets that orbit galactic center instead of sun. Such planets are called rogue planets.

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